Office of the Village Manager

Council/Manager Government

The Village of Stockbridge is a Michigan general law village that operates under the council/manager form of government by ordinance.  The elected president and village council acts as the legislative or policymaking body of the village responsible for making laws, regulations, rules, and policies for the operation of the village government.  The Village Manager is appointed by the village council and serves as the chief administrative officer of the village governnment responsible for the efficient and effective daily operations of the village in accordance with Sec. 65.8 of the Michigan General Law Village Act, Sec. 2-46 through Sec. 2-54 of the village code of ordinances, Village Manager job descriptionVillage Manager employment agreement, and state law and the local ordinances, rules, regulations, and policies duly adopted by the village council.  The village's organizational chart illustrates the relationship between the village council, Village Manager, departments, and boards and commissions.